ColorFabb Woodfill Filament

woodFill 3D printer filament combines recycled wood fibers with premium ColorFabb PLA to create natural looking, light-weight 3D printed objects.

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woodFill contains 30% recycled wooden fibers mixed with 70% premium colorFabb PLA, so it prints well with minimal warping. Printed objects can be sanded after printing for a smoother surface finish. Experiment with wood filler and wood stain on your woodFill prints as an advanced post-processing technique.

Filament Specifications

Filament Diameter: 2.85 mm (0.11 inches)

Amount of Filament: 600g (1.32 lbs)
Filament color may vary

Printing Specifications

Special Tool Head Requirements: Hot end with 0.50mm nozzle recommended (due to fiber)
Hot End Temperature: 190°C (Range: 185-195°C)
Print Surface: PEI film recommended

Print Surface Temperature: 60°C

Packaging Information

woodFill ships vacuum sealed and spooled on a reel.

Print Profiles

Find the most up-to-date print profiles, including hot end and print bed temperatures, by selecting your Free Software program of choice:

Cura LulzBot Edition


More Information

Manufacturer website

Material Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

3D Model Attribution

Plunderbuss Pete by bendansie used under the CC0 Public Domain Dedication license.

Owl statue by cushwa used under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

$ 42 99
Product models
Filament Diameter
Filament Weight
Filament Type

2.85 mm 0.6 kg Spool Woodfill

ColorFabb Woodfill Filament

$ 42 99

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