Internal Blower Harness Add-on

Bridge the gap between your 3d printer and our new tool heads!

Bring new capabilities and better reliability to your 3D printing with one of our new upgraded tool heads. This extruder extension adapter will help retrofit your LulzBot 4 3D printer. Each extruder port will require one of these adapters.

Works with: LulzBot TAZ 4
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TAZ 3D Printer, v4.1, Boxed for Retail

This plug and play extruder extension adapter connects the always-on microblower fan found on the hot end of our new all-metal tool heads to the LulzBot TAZ 4 desktop 3D printer .

Parts Included

1 harness adapter


Internal Harness Connector: 2 connector pins, 2 pin connector


$ 10 00

Internal Blower Harness Add-on

$ 10 00

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