Moons' Nema 17 Stepper Motor Damper

This Moons NEMA 17 stepper motor damper reduces the volume of the music your 3D printer makes down to a soft whisper.

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LulzBot Mini v1.0, Boxed for Retail, NA

Install this stepper motor damper in between the LulzBot Mini Y-axis stepper motor mount and the stepper motor to reduce the sounds generated by your 3D printer. Install the damper on the Y-axis stepper motor. The damper has two sides: non-threaded holes for stepper motor mounting, and threaded mounting holes for the printer-side.

Parts Included

One (1) motor dampener

Recommended Installation: LulzBot Mini Y-axis


Compatible Mounting Specification: NEMA 17

Dampener Thickness: 6 mm

$ 9 95

Moons' Nema 17 Stepper Motor Damper

$ 9 95

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