Polymaker PolyFlex TPU95 Filament

3D print flexible filament faster with PolyFlex™ by Polymaker. With the LulzBot Flexystruder Tool Head this specialty filament can be printed at higher speeds, reducing 3D print times compared to other flexible filaments. PolyFlex filament is produced to exacting tolerances, exhibiting consistent filament diameters for fine surface finishes.
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Composed of 90% thermoplastic urathane (TPU) and 10% polylactic acid or polylactide, commonly known as PLA, to give this blend more stiffness and hardness while still retaining flexibility. PolyFlex is perfect for strong printed objects that need to flex while still holding their shape. The manufacturer reports a hardness of 90-95 Shore A which is slightly more flexible than SemiFlex, at 98 Shore A hardness.

Filament Specifications

Filament Diameter: 2.85 mm (0.11 inches)
Amount of Filament: 0.75 kg (1.65 lbs)
Filament color may vary

Printing Specifications

Recommended Tool Head: Any LulzBot Universal Tool Head
Hot End Temperature: 215°C - 220°C
Print Surface: To make removing 3D printed PolyFlex objects easier, we strongly recommend applying a glue stick (such as Elmer's® brand) applied to the print surface prior to powering on your LulzBot 3D printer. Maintain the print surface by powering off your LulzBot and cleaning the glue stick residue with a soft cloth and water.
Print Surface Temperature: Off

Packaging Information

PolyFlex ships vacuum sealed and mounted on a reel.

Print Profiles

Find the most up-to-date print profiles, including hot end and print bed temperatures in Cura LulzBot Edition or download specific profiles for your LulzBot 3D printer.

More Information

Manufacturer website
Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
$ 29 99

2.85 mm 0.75 kg Spool True Yellow PolyFlex

Polymaker PolyFlex TPU95 Filament

$ 29 99

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