Taulman 910 Nylon Filament

Specially developed to exhibit the ideal characteristics of several different classes of 3D printing filaments, Taulman Alloy 910 offers the strength and durability of nylon 3D printing filament with the same minimal shrink nature of PLA and t-glase.
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Alloy 910 is among the strongest materials you can currently 3D print. When 3D printed, it has a tensile strength of 8,500 PSI, making Alloy 910 almost as strong as Polycarbonate but easier to 3D print since it warps five times less. Perfect for applications where high strength and stiffness is key. Use Alloy 910 for frames or enclosures subject to stress and high impact, and items subject to repeated flexing such as buckles and clasps. Like other nylons, Alloy 910 has a large chemical resistance range and can even be dyed to achieve custom color profiles using Rit® brand dye.

Filament Specifications

Filament Diameter: 3 mm (0.12 inches)
Amount of Filament: 1 lb (0.45 kg)
Filament color may vary

Printing Specifications

Special Tool Head Requirements: LulzBot Hexagon Hot End recommended
Hot End Temperature Range: 245°C-250°C
Print Surface: PEI film recommended with a glue stick (such as Elmer's® brand) applied to the print surface prior to powering on your LulzBot 3D printer. Maintain the print surface by powering off your LulzBot and cleaning the glue stick residue with a soft cloth and water.
Print Surface Temperature: 110°C

Packaging Information

Reel diameter and packaging style may vary based on color selection. Filament weight remains the same.
Alloy 910 filament ships vacuum sealed and mounted on a reel.

Storage Specifications

Store your filament in an air tight container. The use of desiccant is encouraged as nylon filament will absorb moisture from the air.

Print Profiles

Find the most up-to-date print profiles, including hot end and print bed temperatures, by selecting your Free Software program of choice:
Cura LulzBot Edition


More Information

Manufacturer website
Safety Data Sheet
Recommended Filament Dryer

3D Model Attribution

t-slot profile: 2525 by discocyborg is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.
a_new_vase7 by BenitoSanduchi is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.
Prep'd Buckle by jesse is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.
$ 36 00
Product models
Filament Diameter
Filament Weight
Filament Color
Filament Type

2.85 mm 1 lb Spool Black 910 Nylon

Taulman 910 Nylon Filament

$ 36 00

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