TAZ v2c Tool Head Wiring Harness

This LulzBot TAZ 5 3D printer head harness makes switching tool heads easier. Replace your existing TAZ 5 with v2a/v2b connectors or TAZ 4 with v1 connector tool head harness with the updated TAZ 5 v2c tool head harness to ensure compatibility with the latest generation of tool heads featuring the all-metal LulzBot Hexagon Hot End.

Note: LulzBot TAZ 4 users will also require one Internal Blower Harness add-on for the primary extruder port. LulzBot TAZ 5 users with a serial number in the KT-0017 range will only need this replacement tool head harness.

Have a compatibility question? Contact our support team by sending an email to Support@LulzBot.com


Works with: LulzBot TAZ 5LulzBot TAZ 4
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TAZ 3D Printer, v4.1, Boxed for Retail
TAZ 3D Printer, v5.0, Boxed for Retail, NA

Installation is simple: Unscrew your original tool head harness from the control box and remove the zip ties that hold the harness to the TAZ 3D printer frame. Screw in the new tool head harness and secure it to the 3D printer frame using the included zip ties.

Parts Included

1 tool head harness

5 zip ties


TAZ 4 & TAZ 5 compatible screw-on control box connector

16 pin v2c tool head connector

$ 32 00

TAZ v2c Tool Head Wiring Harness

$ 32 00

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